PGA Junior League

pga-jr-leagueInformation for Captains & PGA Professionals:

  1. Team Makeup: A PGA JLG Team should be made up of 8‐12 juniors, ages 13 & under (usually 9 years old is the youngest, but younger kids are welcome if you feel their skill level is adequate).
  2. League Makeup: Leagues are comprised of 4‐6 teams (Leagues of 3, 5, & 7 teams can be accommodated). PGA Staff will assist in creating Leagues based on registered teams in a geographical area.  
  3. Register a team:
    Hold a League Captain Meeting once your League is formed (this will/can be facilitated by PGA Staff). Captains will discuss pricing, schedule, as well as any costs that may be incurred at any facility (green fees for matches, range balls, etc.). This will help in budgeting what your final registration fee will be. 
  4. Fees
    A fee of $75 per junior is required for the Team Kit  (jersey, bag tag, flag stickers). Host facility/professional can charge a fee above and beyond the $75 to cover Professional’s/Facility’s time for practices/matches, any additional benefits/expenses (range balls, lessons, F&B, course fees, etc.) Average team fees range from $150‐$300. It is recommended that you try to stay in the same pricing range as other facilities within your League/area. This can be discussed during your League Captain Meeting.
  5. Recruit your Team
    Tools available/recommended for recruiting players:
    Utilize the Marketing Resource Center to customize promotional materials like posters, flyers, email templates, etc. to use at your facility.
    Recruit parents who support you (Having parent involvement is encouraged)
  6. Scheduling Matches/Practices
    Create a Schedule / Update your Webpage through
    League matches may be scheduled to begin starting April 1 and must conclude by July 31.
    Matches are held typically once a week, but the scheduling is at your discretion.
    Each team plays matches against the other teams in the League during the Regular Season
    (approximately 6 weeks), with 1 Home and 1 Away match with each team (in a 4‐team League). Coaches/Captains (PGA Professionals) should also host weekly practices for their team (day, time, frequency is up to Professional). At least one required practice per week is recommended.
  7. Hosting a Match
    Four tee times needed (typically at the end of the day so as to not interrupt play).
    Captains and/or designated Coaches should be present at ALL matches.
    It is recommended to have at least one adult monitor/scorekeeper for each match (parents). It is optional for “Team Parents” to bring snacks and drinks to the match, however, this is also an opportunity for additional F&B sales.
    It is at the discretion of each host facility if they would like to allow carts for spectators (as well as any added fees for carts).  
    Course Set Up (league consistency) for fun and pace (refer to Captains Handbook for maximum yardages).
    Go over Rules & Reminders… It’s all supposed to be fun!
  8. Format
    A competition between two teams in PGA Junior League Golf is referred to as a "game".  All games are 9‐hole competitions (Match Play format).
    A game consists of two teams, each fielding at least 8 players broken into four groups of 2, playing a 2person scramble‐format vs. a similar pairing from the opposing team. These 2‐player vs. 2‐player scramble pairings are called "matches".  
    Each match is 9‐holes in length, broken into three 3‐hole segments called "flags". There are three flags per match.  
    Points are the key scoring component of your games. Each flag is worth one point. Each match is played for three points.  
    Each game has a total of 12 flags/points possible. The team with the most points is determined to be the game winner.
    Juniors can be substituted in every three holes (at the completion of each “flag”), so that every junior on a team gets a chance to compete.  
  9. All Star Selection & All Star League Play
    At the end of your regular season, a league champion team will be crowned. The winning Captain will be your League's All‐Star Team Captain. Every team in the league will have some representation on the
    All‐Star Team, however the actual numbers will vary based on league size.
    Post season play includes All‐Star Matches, Section Championship, Regional Championship, and the National Championship. 
  10. Results Reporting
    Will be done through the PGAJLG website (typically the Host Captain should enter the scores).

Support is available during the pre‐season, season, and post‐season from PGA Staff. For the Southern California Section, your direct contacts are:

  • Nikki Gatch, PGA: (760) 534‐1370 or EMAIL
  • Matt Gilson, PGA: (951) 845‐4653 or EMAIL